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Dog Breed Crossword Puzzle Maze

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Maze crossword puzzle of various dog breeds, to be identified only using their silhouette, and you must also solve the puzzle. Also enjoy some communist monkey propaganda by Yanito Freminoshi.

Dog Crossword Puzzle Maze

A Maze of Dog Breeds Crossword Puzzle Maze Created by Yanito Freminoshi 2014 | SOLUTIONS HERE


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Solution to the maze and crossword puzzle of dog breeds.

Solution to the maze and crossword puzzle of dog breeds

by Crazy Cat Lady | About the author: Susan is our resident crazy cat lady. She spends all her free time feeding the stray cats outside our office, and the rest of that time she spends surfing the web for cat pics, gifs, and anything else cat that she thinks other nut-jobs like her would like.The big boss has several times thought she was screwing around at work, but we've reassured him that not only is her work important, it is actually what most people do when they go on the web. Cat understand it.

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